Pages manufacturer of homologated warning triangle into the car.
The company LUNA-car Ltd. has implemented a quality control system ISO.

Specialization - Warning triangles

Our specialization is the production and sale of homologated warning triangles into the car. Warning triangles are made of quality materials and are exceptional in the high quality of workmanship. All models of warning triangles into the car are homologated according to the European standard R-27th.

Additional offer

Our company also offers plastic containers for the vehicle first aid kits and sets consisting homologated warning triangle into the car, first aid kits equipment and a warning vest.


Through the presentation of our offer of warning triangles into the car, sets a mandatory equipment for motor vehicles, first aid kits and warning vests, we invite you to a closer cooperation with our company.

Wholesale customers who opt for permanent cooperation with us will be preferred by our company individually, which means the possibility of an agreement to lower prices of our products or individual due date agreement. In case of a large contract it is possible to agree on a special design of workmanship.

We invite you to purchase in our company and we guarantee that our experienced staff will make every effort to make our cooperation flawless, efficient and pleasant.